Bystanders Against Cyber-Bullying

Bystanders Against Cyber-Bullying is a game to help educate students on the topic of Cyberbullying. This game aims to assist teachers and parents by teaching children the signs of cyberbullying, why it’s harmful, and how they can prevent it. 


Key Features

  • Great for at-home and in-class discussion

  • Game board and app used in harmony

  • Try to find Vicky at the end of the board!

  • React to the #WWYD, #Roleplay and #Trivia cards

  • The first one to find Vicky wins!

  • AR Vicky reacts to your good or bad decisions!

  • #BACBDiscussionTips on the bottom of each cards!

  • Learning plan to guide lessons teachers!


A sneak peek at some of the electronic features included in the game!




Download the full sized game board!
Download the standard printer paper sized game board!
Download the lesson plan!